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Powered Paragliding Bible 2 $39.95


Powered Paragliding BibleSome material is best presented in a plain, easy-to-read book. It provides quick access to the exact subject matter with in-depth material that is digestible at your own pace. The PPG Bible is just such a book for the sport of paramotoring. It is a fun, informative, easy-to-understand and, most of all, thorough treatment on the subject of powered paragliding.

This book is the most thorough manual ever produced for powered paragliding, offering a concise treatment of subject matter for anyone just starting through those wanting to really master the sport.

It covers the enormous selection of gear, initial instruction, weather basics, regulations, history, advanced flying topics including malfunctions and competition, and much, much more. The airspace and rules section is appropriate as they apply to paramotor pilots.

If you are:

  • Considering the sport, this will tell you all about what trade-offs are made and what to avoid.
  • Just getting started, this will prepare you for training.
  • Setting out on your own, this will help clarify the vagaries of rotor, micrometeorology, airspace, rules, field selection, etc.
  • Curious, this answers questions. Many, many questions about everything from aerodynamics to history.
  • Into photography, this will offer tips that may save much aggravation about getting good pictures from a PPG.
  • Thinking about competition, this has the lowdown on what it is, how it's flown and, better yet, what to practice to get good at it.

Then this book is for you!

If you have ever wondered about the sport of powered paragliding, this will answer your questions. Everything from selecting an instructor to buying gear to learning what to do with it. 

It starts out with most basic bits required using pictures to clarify better then words ever could. There are over a hundred pictures and diagrams in over 290 pages. It finishes with tips on mastering techniques required for the finest level of control. 

For the curious there is a thorough section on Understanding the Sport which delves into several areas such as the unusual aerodynamics of a craft on a swing. 

Many practical tips for setting up gear are included. How to tie brake-line knots, how to set up a motor harness and how best to adjust it for preventing potentially deadly torque turns. These are just of few of the many useful pieces that can enhance your understanding of the sport or possibly save your life.

Complete coverage of the regulations and airspace includes the charts and material that make easy work of USPPA's PPG3/Instructor Written test. This is practical information for the adventurous pilot who sets out for parts unknown - how to get what you need from sectional charts without bogging down in unnecessary detail.

Many, many diagrams help make sense of complicated concepts and introduce some new ones. From the parts of the paramotor to Aerodynamics, our sport is explained in concise ways that encourage understanding. A real effort is made to avoid wordiness while keeping it interesting.

Clear up confusion on obtaining weather including detailed descriptions of using the Flight Service Stations. A resource section lists useful places to go for this info too.

After getting the basics down, learn how to fly into a controlled airport and what you need to pull it off. Sample conversations with Air Traffic Control are included.

Some eye-popping photos help the enjoyment and make it a great way to show others the sport.

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