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Don't go without knowing what you'll be going into! The books and videos here cover weather in practical ways that help light flight pilots succeed. 

Understanding the Sky $24.95

Understanding the Sky

by Dennis Pagen, 6 x 9" format, 200 pages, 140 illustrations, 33 photos, 4-color cover


This book eloquently compresses 20 years of ultralight experience and meteorological research by respected author Dennis Pagen. It explains what and how weather affects us. If you've ever wondered why the air behaves the way it does, this book is for you. The greatest emphasis is on small-scale effects—exactly where we fly paramotors.

It thoroughly cover everything from turbulence to thunderstorms. The chapters on lift sources and flying efficiency alone are worth the price of this book. Understanding the Sky is your key to complete comfort in the air.

The most valuable resource for really understanding weather that affects paramotor pilots. Besides making a normally dull subject interesting, Dennis Pagen is a talented illustrator who bring the concepts to life.

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